Polese Abel  Ukraine's Museum of Anti-Terrorist Operation
// Социология: теория, методы, маркетинг. -2018. -N 3. - С. 184-189  ( 01.03.2019 )

 The ATO museum, which opened its doors to the public in May 2016, is indisputably
something more than mere chronicles of an armed conflict in Ukraine's eastern borderlands.
Well, like other military museums, it skilfully recreates a battlefield atmosphere.
The museum celebrates the bravery of Ukrainian soldiers fighting against the enemy —
the terrorists who are encroaching on their homeland. It also draws attention to the sufferings
of civilians, who suddenly became victims of Putin's hybrid war. Yet, that is not
all. Another aspect that comes to the fore (albeit it is not stated directly) is the museum's
role in boosting Ukrainian national identity. The "anti-terrorist narrative", as
the author puts it, may be a unique tool for unifying Ukrainian nation. Quite often, a
common enemy overrides linguistic or cultural differences: it makes people feel united
around the most basic of human needs — survival.
The location of the museum does not seem to have been chosen at random. On the one
hand, Dnipro isjust 100 kilometres away from the front line. On the other hand, this region
did not always lean towards pro-Ukrainian political forces. But the four-year
conflict has made Dnipro a bulwark of Ukrainian unity and independence. З повним текстом можна ознайомитись у відділі періодики за адресою : пр. Д. Яворницького,18